Selecting the Best RGB Combination

Let's see how we use this information to build the natural color RGB. Each of the three input channels could be assigned to any of the three colors, which means there are six possible combinations for building the natural color RGB. All of the combinations contain the same information since they are based on the same three input channels. But they have radically different color schemes.

Which combination produces the most natural looking product, one in which vegetation is green, deserts are brownish, and low clouds are white? View the products by clicking the six View RGB product links. Then select the most natural looking product by clicking the radio button beside it and clicking Done. Click here to review RGB color theory.

The correct answer is F.

MSG RGB 321 15 Jan 06

With its white low clouds, brownish desert, and green vegetation, combination #6 is the most natural-looking option. We'll discuss this RGB more on the next page.