About the Module

graphic with 8 RGB images from the DMSP OLS, Meteosat SEVIRI, and Metop AVHRR satellite imagers

This module provides an overview of meteorological and environmental RGBs: how they are constructed and how to use them.

The RGB development process is described in the context of two RGBs: natural color and dust. This is followed by a discussion of the future of RGBs when most geostationary and polar-orbiting satellites will have far more channels than they do today.

The second half of the module, the "Applications" section, focuses on the use of RGBs and provides examples, interpretation exercises, and background information for many of the commonly used products.

The module is written for operational forecasters, meteorology and remote sensing students from the undergraduate level on up, scientists, and all others who rely on satellite products for environmental information.