RGB Products

This table shows some of the RGB products that are routinely produced from EUMETSAT's MSG (Meteosat Second Generation) SEVIRI imager, and Terra and Aqua MODIS imagers. Similar products are coming online with the Suomi NPP polar-orbiting satellite, and still more will be possible with future satellites including GOES-R and the Suomi NPP follow-on polar orbiters know as JPSS (or Joint Polar Satellite System).

Click each product to see a sample image.

Table describing some of the most widely used RGB products, with sample images for each type popping true color image popping natural and false image popping Vis IR RGB image popping nightime visible image popping air mass image popping cloud over snow image popping convection image popping dust image popping volcanic ash image popping day microphysis image popping fog and stratus image

Note that from this point on, we will refer to RGB products simply as RGBs.