Meteorological Instrument Performance Characteristics


COMET Sponsors

MetEd and the COMET® Program are a part of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research's (UCAR's) Community Programs (UCP) and are sponsored by NOAA's National Weather Service (NWS), with additional funding by:

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The Instrumentation and Measurement of Atmospheric Parameters training series has been made possible by support from the National Science Foundation (NCAR Award #1642735 and Millersville University Award #1642643).

Project Contributors

Project Manager
  • Alison Rockwell, NCAR/EOL
Principal Science Contributors
  • Dr. Richard Clark, Millersville University
  • Dr. William Cooper, NCAR/EOL
Science Advisors
  • Dr. Teresa Campos, NCAR/EOL
  • Dr. Julie Haggerty, NCAR/EOL
  • Dr. Jorgen Jensen, NCAR/EOL
  • Dr. Steven Oncley, NCAR/EOL
  • Dr. Holger Vömel, NCAR/EOL
  • Cory Wolff, NCAR/EOL
COMET Project Leads
  • Amy Stevermer, UCAR/COMET
  • Dr. Alan Bol, UCAR/COMET
Instructional Design
  • Amy Stevermer, UCAR/COMET
  • Dr. Alan Bol, UCAR/COMET
  • Steve Deyo, UCAR/COMET
Multimedia Authoring/Interface Design
  • Gary Pacheco, UCAR/COMET
  • Sylvia Quesada, UCAR/COMET
Technical Contributors
  • Lindsay Johnson, UCAR/COMET
  • Marianne Weingroff, UCAR/COMET

COMET Staff, November 2017

Director's Office
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mulvihill Page, Director
  • Tim Alberta, Assistant Director Operations and IT
  • Paul Kucera, Assistant Director International Programs
Business Administration
  • Lorrie Alberta, Administrator
  • Tara Torres, Program Coordinator
IT Services
  • Bob Bubon, Systems Administrator
  • Joshua Hepp, Student Assistant
  • Joey Rener, Software Engineer
  • Malte Winkler, Software Engineer
Instructional Services
  • Dr. Alan Bol, Scientist/Instructional Designer
  • Tsvetomir Ross-Lazarov, Instructional Designer
International Programs
  • Rosario Alfaro Ocampo, Translator/Meteorologist
  • Bruce Muller, Project Manager
  • David Russi, Translations Coordinator
  • Martin Steinson, Project Manager
Production and Media Services
  • Steve Deyo, Graphic and 3D Designer
  • Dolores Kiessling, Software Engineer
  • Gary Pacheco, Web Designer and Developer
  • Sylvia Quesada, Production Assistant
Science Group
  • Dr. William Bua, Meteorologist
  • Patrick Dills, Meteorologist
  • Bryan Guarente, Instructional Designer/Meteorologist
  • Matthew Kelsch, Hydrometeorologist
  • Erin Regan, Student Assistant
  • Andrea Smith, Meteorologist
  • Amy Stevermer, Meteorologist
  • Vanessa Vincente, Meteorologist